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With the resulting experience, we would like your Bucephalandra Shop | Aquatic plants | Be an aquarium accessory and accompany and support you in the implementation of your imagination, to create a fascinating underwater world according to your ideas, with everything that goes with it. In our Aquaristik & Bucephalandra online shop you can find excellent Bucephalandra species such as Bucephalandra lamandau, Bucephalandra velvet, Bucephalandra brownie, Bucephalandra venus and also other, rare and extremely demanding ones
Find aquatic plants and aquarium accessories for your aquascape.
The hardscape we offer is selected piece by piece to meet the highest design expectations.

We also attach great importance to the fact that the aquarium technology & accessories offered leave none of your needs unanswered in practice and that they meet even the highest demands.

The aquarium

The meaning of the term "aquarium" has changed a lot over the centuries. The word itself is derived from the Latin aquarius and means something like "belonging to the water". Today we think of transparent containers made of glass or plastic that are filled with water. In the water we expect a little world of our own with, for example, fish, plants and stones etc. There are aquariums from very small to very large - from nano and indoor aquariums at home to full-grown zoos with walk-in shark tanks or the AquaDom in Berlin with a built-in elevator. One hundred, two hundred years ago it was different. At that time the term "aquarium" did not belong to aquarists, at that time the cellar in the pharmacy was called "aquarium", which was used to store liquid substances in jars, bottles and barrels.

The aquarists

The aquarists are the people who do all of the aquarium-related activities. They build aquariums, they set up and operate them according to their ideas. They take care of the living things, fish and plants in the aquarium. The aquarium hobby is often the hobby of running your own aquarium, but sometimes it is also a job. For example, there is the zoo keeper who specializes in the aquarium and the aquarium builder for large and small systems. At the University of Duisburg-Essen you can even study the appropriate degree in "Aquatic Biology".

Aquarium plants to fall in love with – Buce2love

Our shop in the field of aquaristics offers you besides the Bucephalandren also other plants and accessories for your aquariums. If you are looking for aquarium plants to decorate your aquariums in the foreground or in the background with aquatic plants, you can find them here. As aquarists we have experience in the operation of aquariums and the care of aquarium plants. In our shop we have the items in the shipping that we like ourselves: several types of aquarium plants, roots, stones and other accessories.
Our niche is the Bucephalandra plants. In the category "Bucephalandra" we want to be THE shop with our requirements, which informs, advises and supplies you. We want to support you in designing your aquarium with plants, stones and roots as a piece of fascinating underwater world. For you, your aquarium and your fish anyway. Ask us straightforward if you have a question: Maybe to take care of your aquarium plants, your water or the aquarium itself.




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