Bucephalandra Brownie Helena 2014
Bucephalandra black Titan - Purple Bloom
Bucephalandra micro Belindae
Bucephalandra sp.


With us you get beautiful pieces, the best for your shrimp, great accessories and a wonderful hardscape


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Jungle Plants


Bucephalandra Mini Teki
9,90 EUR
Bucephalandra Silver Mini
3,90 EUR
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Rare aquatic plants

True rarities - very rare: rare aquatic plants that delight every eye and make your aquarium something unique. Absolutely unique pieces that will enrich your aquascape.

Anubias heterophylla
8,09 EUR
Cryptocoryne rozen maiden SUBMERS
17,90 EUR
Aridarum Caulescens
14,90 EUR
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Scape by @fruityone

Bucephalandra Submers Nanga Pinoh
Bucephalandra Nanga Pinoh

An ordinary online shop for aquarium products?

Definitely not!

Our focus, the Bucephalandra!


The focus for us is clearly on the specialization on the Bucephalandra, which we value

Has. One of the reasons for this is that we ourselves are absolute fans and lovers of the Bucephalandra, which we ourselves are

Maintain, collect and enjoy it every day and, on the other hand, also because of a long-term accumulated

Experience and expert knowledge that we can demonstrate. We have the competence so that we can work with good

Certainly these accumulated experiences with the Bucephalandra can pass on to you. For all those who


Authenticity still plays a role, it will find it with us.

Info platform for Bucephalandra

Furthermore, we don't just want to be an online shop for aquarium products, but also to be the same

Part as the official source of information for the Bucephalandra come to the fore. Quasi an easily accessible one

Online platform on which you can call up useful specialist knowledge that is useful for both newcomers to the aquarium hobby and in

the Bucephalandra theme is suitable as well as for the professional in this field.

Customer care on an equal footing

Professional customer support! We stick to the motto that only satisfied customers become regular customers

and that's why professional customer service on an equal footing is very important to us. We'll get you in

Consultations from where you are in your knowledge. That means newcomers and

Inexperienced in the aquarium hobby need not be afraid that we are overpriced and unnecessary here

Talk about accessories. We are concerned with customer satisfaction and you

Have fun with your aquascape. As already written above, we ourselves are passionate

Aquarists, so it goes without saying that we communicate on an equal footing.

So don't be afraid to get in touch with us.

We want to support and help you, your aquarium with Bucephalandra, plants, stones and roots as one piece

to create a fascinating underwater world.

Changing variety of offers

Of course, we also pay attention to a changing product selection and offers, especially for aquatic plants.

From classics to rarities, there is something for everyone.


Quality management

After every incoming goods we carry out a standardized quality check in which we check, for example, whether

the aquatic plants have an infestation or whether the joint seal in an aquarium is undamaged, etc. In the end

As a customer, you can rely on the fact that you only have goods of the best quality that have been tested by us

and you will be satisfied with it.


Real rarities

We are particularly proud of the fact that we occasionally offer real aquatic plants rarities in our online shop

can. Bucephalandra is also a water plant that is very rare anyway because it grows very slowly,

but some varieties are even rarer than others in their species, for example due to their color and nuances

You will find these with us, however, you have to be quick, because

these rarities are sold out very quickly.


Reliability and care

After an order has been received, we take great care to personally take the products safely and professionally

packaged, some with exclusive claims and will be sent to you promptly and insured by post.


We are not just an ordinary and additional online shop for aquarium products, but primarily one

Specialized retailer for the Bucephalandra, which we appreciate so much! So we not only trade, we also offer

Information and background about the Bucephalandra. We are the first choice in German-speaking countries,

what we are proud of.

Even if our focus is on the Bucephalandra, we of course also offer other popular aquatic plants,

just like suitable accessories, hardscape to whole wabi-kusas and aquariums. Become a beginner with us

just as find and well-advised as those who are more advanced in the aquarium hobby.

Our page is modern and clearly structured. On the left you can go through the individual categories

navigate and find the product you want quickly. At the top of the menu bar on the right you can find

the tab "Buce Tips" here we have provided you with a number of useful information and tips that you can tailor to your needs

can be retrieved at will.

And now we wish you a lot of fun shopping and browsing

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