Bucephalandra Clumps

bucephalandra clumps

Beautiful Bucephalandra clumps, which we offer in different sizes. In the constantly changing offer there is always something new to discover about great aquatic plants. It's worth coming back.

Bucephalandra sp. Clump C7
19,90 EUR
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Bucephalandra sp. Clump C11
11,90 EUR
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Bucephalandra sp. Clump C18
14,90 EUR
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Here we offer you a small selection of Bucephalandra Clumps, which we regularly receive at certain intervals.

For newcomers, the term is certainly sometimes a bit misleading, because the English term "clump" is strangely enough often translated into German with lump, actually the English "lump". Probably only the former spirits of botany know why this is so. In modern times, the "plant bunch" of the clusters of plants became the clump for short. In German, Klumpen or, luckily, upholstery has established itself as a designation.

In terms of texture, it is less a matter of a single plant, plant sprout or rhizome, but rather an interwoven network that can be positioned as a cushion. One argument in favor of popularity is a certain density, which is also known from mosses.

Our clumps are available in different sizes and types and only in limited quantities.