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DOOA Jungle Base
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DOOA WABI-KUSA Hanger M - 90mm
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The Japanese company DOOA, which emerged as a branch of the parent company ADA - Aqua Design Amano and thus the successor to the Do! Aqua product range, has specialized in Wabi-Kusas and accordingly offers high-quality accessories and complete equipment for newcomers.

But that's not all. DOOA accessories also include qualitative substrates such as river gravel and river sand from tropical regions. This also includes fertilizer products, which are essential for healthy growth for some aquatic plants.

A centerpiece are of course the aquariums in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which are very popular in the aquarium hobby and aquascaping scene because of their high quality.

We offer you a selected DOOA product range in this Buce2Love category, so that there will be something for everyone. From a small Wabi-Kusas vase to a larger aquarium tank.