Aquatic plants in the aquarium

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Importance of aquatic plants

Living plants fulfill two important tasks in your aquarium. On the one hand, they convert CO2 into oxygen and, on the other hand, they offer the fish opportunities to retreat between their leaves. The fish can raise their offspring under the protection of the aquatic plants. The aquatic plants are among the most important & quot; furnishings & quot; of the aquarium. In combination with roots and stones, the aquatic plants determine the habitat of your fish.

Aquarium mit Wasserpflanzen von Buce2Love
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Your aquarium is a biotope

The aquarium is a self-contained biotope and we have to strive for its balance. Like humans, fish breathe in oxygen and emit CO2. The decomposition of plant residues, feed and excrement also brings CO2 into the water. The concentration of CO2 can, among other things, be reduced by plants in the water through their metabolism, because they convert CO2 into oxygen in light.

Aquatic plants also need care

Please pay a little attention to the aquatic plants in your aquarium because they - like your fish - need care and affection. Good light and the right amount of CO2 allow your plants to grow and thrive. This is also worthwhile, because your plants are in competition with the unpopular algae. Both want to get close to the nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium. If you support your plants, you reduce the stock of algae in this way and protect your fish from the poison nitrite, because the plants convert its precursor, nitrate.